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Qualified Interpreting for Quality Health Care

Qualified Interpreting for Quality Health Care:  A Training Video for Clinical Staff on How to Work with Interpreters was produced by the Health Care Interpreter Network and Kaiser Permanente, in conjunction with Casa Madre Films.

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This 19-minute DVD covers topics such as:

  • Why it is important to use a qualified interpreter instead of “getting by” with hand gestures and limited second-language skills
  • Key protocols for language interpreting, such as confidentiality and first-person interpreting
  • Cultural considerations
  • Tips for using remote interpreters (telephonic and video)

Production of the video was made possible by Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit, enabling HCIN to distribute the DVD to health care providers at a minimal charge for replication, shipping and handling.

How to Order the DVD:

Gina Gregory Burns, MD

We are happy to mail the DVD to healthcare providers and provider organizations in the United States. We simply need your name, organization, mailing address and $5 for shipping and handling (S/H).

The fastest way to receive your disc is to provide the mailing address and S/H fee via our PayPal page. If you do not have a PayPal account, look for the "Continue" link, to pay by credit card. Be sure to provide a shipping address, otherwise we will ship to the billing address on your card.

We generally fulfill PayPal orders within three business days.

To pay by check, make your check payable to Health Care Interpreter Network, and mail to:

Health Care Interpreter Network
ATTN: Qualified Interpreting DVD
6400 Hollis St., Suite 9
Emeryville, CA 94608

Be sure to include your name, organization and mailing address. HCIN will mail your disc(s) with a confirmation receipt acknowledging the shipping/handling fee. When paying by check, please allow three weeks for delivery.

Download the Video as a Digital File:

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The video is available for free as a downloadable file, in a choice of formats.

Qualified Interpreting for Quality Health Care by Health Care Interpreter Network is licensed under this Creative Commons License. You are encouraged to share and re-distribute the work non-commercially within the terms of this license.

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Notes:  The download may take several minutes, depending on your connection speed. HCIN is not affiliated with any of the advertisers on the download page.

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